Stock Jobbing in the 17th century

Advances in technology and subsequent emergence of complex derivative products are often blamed for instabilities in the financial markets. But is it the case? Could the 2008 crash and many others be avoided had there been no derivative products? had A dive into the late seventeenth century shows us how the creation of the stock … Continue reading Stock Jobbing in the 17th century



Tulips, originally cultivated in Turkey, were introduced in theNetherlands in the mid 16th century. The spring-blooming bulb derives its name from the Turkish word ‘tulipan’, which means turban. This seemingly harmless flower gave rise to the first financial crisis in history. Its rarity and the difficulty of cultivating certain variegations made it prestigious to own … Continue reading Tulipmania

Plain Vanilla Finance

Efficient frontierLong-Short strategyNo arbitrage pricesPlain Vanilla Bonds There are 2 things common between these four terms. First, they have something to do with financeSecond, they seem to be complicated concepts Jargon is ubiquitous in the world of finance. So much so, that it seems the banks and other financial institutions use them on purpose to … Continue reading Plain Vanilla Finance